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Symptom: Pain in leg and difficulty walking

Judith, over the course 1.5 years has seen medical doctors, spent 2 months doing physical therapy, visited a sports doctor and was placed on muscle relaxers only to be left with continued pain her right leg and difficulty walking. After visiting Williams Chiropractic and being properly diagnosed, she is nearly pain free and "thrilled that she's better."

Laser Advanced Pain Treatment

Your knees are an extraordinary feat of engineering. The largest joints in the human body, your knees bear the brunt of your weight and motion, absorbing the shock of every step. And yet, whether through illness, injury, or years of use, knees and other joints can come to be frustrating sources of pain.


Surgery doesn’t have to be your first or only treatment option. Knee and joint laser therapy can reduce pain and inflammation, and even measurably improve circulation, in and around your joints. Painless and non-invasive, Lasera™ can help manage the effects of conditions like osteoarthritis, tendinitis, obesity, injury, or simple wear and tear. 

Contact us online or give us a call at (336) 790-2649, and we’ll be happy to set up a consultation for knee and joint laser therapy!