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Neuropathy Testimonial January 30, 2018

C. Krol Testimonial

I have been experiencing Neuropathy in my feet and legs for 8 years now. I am in the early stages of my treatment plan with Dr. Williams Our goal is to get the feeling back in my feet and relieve the tingling so I can have a much more normal life. The laser treatments have already helped decrease my constant tingling, so I am very hopeful! The staff at Pain and laser Centers of N.C. is great and they are all truly concerned about each patient and their individual problems. This office runs like a well-oiled machine and I would recommend this practice to all of my family and friends.  

- C. Krol

neck and shoulder laser therapy

A pinched nerve. A pulled muscle. Arthritis. Bad ergonomics at your desk. Injury, degenerative disorders, poor posture. There are any number of reasons why you might be experiencing neck or shoulder pain—and laser therapy may be a viable solution for improving your symptoms.

Neck and Shoulder Pains Treatable with FDA Approved Laser Therapy

Because the delicate nerves, muscles, ligaments, veins, and arteries of your neck and shoulder are so closely interconnected, strain in one area can cause pain in another. Your neck pain may cause you headaches; your pain in the shoulder may refer to your arm or fingers.

Low-level laser therapy like Lasera™ can help manage acute or chronic pain, increase muscle strength, and improve range of motion. 

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