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Laser Therapy Testimonials *

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Symptom: Chronic Back Pain.

After being treated at Williams Chiropractic, Gerry says "it literally improved the quality of my life from the second treatment."

Symptom: Peripheral Neuropathy and Pain in Feet.

Candy could not drive due to pain in her feet. After treatment, Candy is driving again and feeling like she's "walking almost like a normal person."

Symptom: Neck Pain, Extreme Arm Pain and Headaches

Janice is suffering from nerve and ligament damage. After treatments by Dr. Evans, Janice says that "it's wonderful not to have such pain now. I'm able to move my neck and sleep through the night without headaches."

Symptom: Vertigo

Carol had seen three doctors and was taking several prescription drugs, however her vertigo was not getting any better. After three weeks of chiropractic treatment, her vertigo is gone and even her allergies are much better. “The best patient care I’ve ever had.”

Symptom: Frozen Shoulder

Mike had trouble lifting his left arm and even had trouble when walking his dog. After laser treatments and chiropractic therapy, Mike is 75% back to normal and is "feeling really, really good."

Symptom: Pain in leg and difficulty walking

Judith, over the course 1.5 years has seen medical doctors, spent 2 months doing physical therapy, visited a sports doctor and was placed on muscle relaxers only to be left with continued pain her right leg and difficulty walking. After visiting Williams Chiropractic and being properly diagnosed, she is nearly pain free and "thrilled that she's better."

Patient Testimonials *

I highly recommend Pain and Laser Centers of NC. Dr. Williams and Dr. Richardson provide excellent, conservative care. They have benefited my patients well and personally have treated my subluxation issue, allowing me to function well in my practice.
- Candace Smith M.D.

Dr. Williams is the perfect balance of compassion, caring and professionalism.
- Jennifer S. Russo, M.D.

Dr. Williams is always available for my patients. His judgement, expertise and professionalism is appreciated by patients and providers alike.
- John M. Russo, M.D. ( Greensboro, NC )

Referral to good care is my first option for back pain and neck pain patients who have not improved with initial treatment. Thanks to the overall excellent feedback I receive from patients, Dr. Williams is by far my caregiver of choice. They are professional and the treatments they offer are safe and very effective. Thanks to Dr. Williams and the excellent care given at his clinic, his practice is now the first place I turn to obtain help for my patients with troublesome neck and back pain issues. I consistently receive very positive feedback from my patients with respect to the treatment.
- Mark A. Perini, M.D.

Dr. Williams and Dr. Richardson are fantastic with a top-notch staff. They are highly skilled, compassionate and caring. The staff is kind and courteous, and they make patients feel immediately welcomed and comfortable. I always feel confident that my patients will be treated well when I refer them.
- M. Hilts M.D. ( Greensboro, NC )

Dr. Williams is the perfect balance of compassion, caring and professionalism.
- Jennifer S. Russo, M.D.

Q - What was the problem that brought you in to Pain Management Centers of North Carolina? H. Martin - My left knee was injured in 1987 in a motorcycle accident. In 1996 I started having pain. Until this day the pain became unbearable. Q - What steps had you taken to previously get help? H. Martin -I had seen two other doctors. Q - How were you referred to our office? H. Martin - One Sunday morning I read an ad in the newspaper. Q - In your words, what result did you have with the LASERA therapy? H. Martin - My pain is now no way as great as it was. Sometimes I'm almost pain free. At this time I'm still being treated. Q - How has the LASERA treatment improved your ability to work and enjoy hobbies? H. Martin - I would have to say. YES! It was given me some pain free time and I look forward to more days of less pain. Q - For someone who has just begun with LASERA therapy, what advise would you share with them in the beginning of the treatments? H. Martin - Follow the doctors instructions to the letter.
- H. Martin ( Greensboro, NC )

I have had chronic back pain for years. I work as a nurse and I have to lift patients, which I’m sure contributed to my problem. I have had eight laser treatments over the past month and I can tell they have helped by decreasing my pain and increasing my health stamina.
- Marie D. ( Greensboro, NC )

The laser treatments have reduced pain and improved my function and ability to do everyday chores. It has increased my circulation which seems to help me move about easier and with more flexibility.
- Carol N. ( Greensboro, NC )

The laser treatment allowed me to have movement in my neck and increased flexibility in my lower back.
- Mike M. ( Greensboro, NC )

The laser has been so helpful. I have been dealing with knee pain for months and it has really made a difference.
- Anita S. ( Greensboro, NC )

This was painless and only took a few minutes. No pain at all.
- Tony S. ( Greensboro, NC )

My knee was aching and I started to get sharp pains on stairs. After only two laser treatments, the general pain is greatly reduced and I haven’t had sharp pains. I plan to have at least two more treatments on my knee. It has really helped.
- Erica L.

Laser treatment was truly remarkable. The enhancement of the natural healing process was extraordinary.
- Ken B. ( Greensboro, NC )

Since beginning the laser therapy, my neck has been much looser and I have additional movement with decreased pain.
- Pam E. ( Greensboro, NC )

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. No specific outcomes can be guaranteed.