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    ALERT! Non-Surgical Neuropathy Relief

    Now, there is a safe Non-Surgical option to truly TREAT the CAUSE!
  • Pain, Pain Go Away
    Non-surgical LASERA Laser THERAPY that is safe and effective for NEUROPATHY patients.
  • Epidemic Alert
    Forward Head Posture has become a modern day epidemic! It's affecting your health and most folks have no idea its causing them long term health damage.
    See how Lasera can help with common arch pain such as Plantars Fasciitis.
  • Einstein & Laser Technology
    Albert Einstein first proposed the process that made laser technology possible. Since then, scientists have discovered how laser can help accelerate healing after surgery.

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K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments are available through chiropractic clinics and other health care providers to help you recover from a variety of ailments. This video explains the mechanism behind K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments. Ask your doctor how K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments can help you. If your doctor does not offer K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments, visit k-laserusa.com and in the upper right hand corner click on 'Find a Provider'. You can input your zip code to find K-Laser providers near you. We have a library of wonderful videos. CLICK HERE to visit our video library.



Listen to the stories of how laser and chiropractic care has improved the lives of these individuals by reducing their pain related to their neck, back, legs, and arms using laser therapy.



Dr. Aaron Williams, DC explains how car accident victims are at high risk of future and longterm neck and back problems if treatment of the neck and spine is not done after a car accident.



K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments are available through chiropractic clinics and other health care providers to help you recover from a variety of ailments.



Dr. Aaron Williams, DC talks about non-invasive, affordable, and effective laser treatment for treating chronic symptoms such as lower back pain.



See how Steve Donohue, Assistant Athletic Trainer of the New York Yankees uses laser therapy to treat player injuries.


Dr. Aaron Williams
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Patient Kayla Siedman says "The laser was very easy...laser really helps...it lets me run and walk more freely and easily."

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  • Dr.
    Aaron Williams
    DC, LIFE University

    Dr. Williams learned the benefits of chiropractic care as a young man, having sustained a low back injury from an accident on an all-terrain vehicle when he was twelve years old. By suffering this injury and the subsequent treatments, he became aware of the benefits of chiropractic care and solidified his desire to become a chiropractor. Soon after graduating in 1998 he started practicing with his father, Dr. Marc Williams who retired from the practice in 2001.

  • Dr.
    Linzie Evans
    DC, Logan University

    I am originally from Dayton, Ohio. I began my career in sports medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer. As a former college volleyball player, I have always had a love for sports performance and health. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Logan University, College of Chiropractic, in 2015. One of my greatest moments during school was traveling to Italy to provide Chiropractic care to athletes at the World Sports Games.

  • Dr.
    Lee Stafford
    DC, LIFE University

    I am originally a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. I attended Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point. I completed my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I graduated Cum Laude from LIFE University, College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia.

Read Our Reviews

I had back surgery in 2011. I come in the office and get the laser treatment and love it. For me it really helps with the soft tissue giving much needed relief. It feels good and it’s effective- Highly recommended!

Ronald Hunter

Great Place!!! Friendly and caring staff. Was having disk pain that was impacting my nerves and legs. Aileen does a great job applying the laser treatments. Started receiving treatments with the last two weeks and the majority of the pain is gone.

Kimberly Casey

Found them because of extreme pain in my hip. Turned out I had 2 vertebrae turned and disks compressed. They are getting it fixed. Pain is gone.Love the staff. Victoria and Aileen take great care and make me feel very welcome every time.

John Richmond

P and L Center doctors and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and caring. They listen and, having heard, respond to concerns to customize treatment to meet my individual needs. With these professionals as partners, I find myself increasingly hopeful that I will be able to more successfully manage my health issues and improve the quality of my life.

Mike Renn

I definitely recommend the lasera treatment! The doctor knows what she is doing is very helpful to the clients. The whole staff at the center is very friendly and goes beyond the call of duty to make clients comfortable!

Malinda Patrice

The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable. I had pain in my SI joint and low back. I have had great results and recommend anyone with pain to try!

Letisha Adkins

PAIN AND LASER CENTER in Greensboro N.C. on West Market Street is an awesome place for any type of pain. The people that work there are professional, nice, and gentle. The office is very organized and ran very professional. Each person that comes there is important to all the staff and the Doctors. The staff and the Doctors greets you every time by name. It truly is a place to heal and get rid of your pain.

Robin Reynolds

I started this treatment and could barely walk into the office. I was in bad shape from messing my lower back up. It’s been 1.5 weeks and I’m 1000% better. In another week I should be as good as new or better!! Loved it!

Carla Tolley

I have truly enjoyed getting to know all the professionals at my Pain and Laser Center in Greensboro. From the first day I came in everyone remembered my name and the attention was remarkable. The nurses are the best!

Cynthia Leonard

Friendly and knowledgeable staff - Aileen the laser technician is wonderful as is Dr. Williams. I came here in September with debilitating pain from an existing condition worsened by a slip and fall. The treatment plan designed for me has effectively, and happily, got me back to 100%. I highly recommend this center!

Jayne Calicchio

Hi, I was unfortunately involved in a car accident. My wife ask some friends for recommendations and the pain and laser center came highly recommended. I also visited my primary care the day after the accident and they also recommended pain and laser center. I had never been to a chiropractor. My primary care called and they opened a spot for me to come the same day. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first but after a few visits and adjustments I am now a believer. I have made steady progress over the past 3 weeks. The treatments are great. This office has a very nice, modern, clean and relaxing atmosphere. The professional staff is wonderfully positive. I highly recommend this place of business if you have been in an accident or maybe have issues with pain in your back. Special thanks to Dr. Stafford.

Everette Sadler

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