Peripheral Neuropathy


Candy could not drive due to pain in her feet. After treatment, Candy is driving again and feeling like she's "walking almost like a normal person.



The pain of neuropathy can cause an individual to feel that there is no hope, and all drugs seem to do is cause fatigue and barely touch the pain. Now, there is a safe Non-Surgical option to truly TREAT the CAUSE!

Understanding Neuropathy

Reading and hearing what others have been through is very helpful for you to see that hope is possible and that our unique “LASERA ™”treatment protocol helps to not only get rid of your symptoms but to actually treat the root cause. Take a few minutes to watch these video testimonials and hear how LASERA has helped our patients with varying chronic pain issues. 

The Non-Surgical LASERA™ has been shown to improve function and decrease symptoms on up to 80% of the patients who we have been “accepted” for care in our office. We do not “accept” a patient for care until we have thoroughly examined their condition and read all notes from other physicians in relation to any past care, treatments and imaging. If our doctors do not feel you are a candidate for care, they will tell you after they have evaluated your case and work with you to find someone who can better help you. 

But, we don’t like to think negative we think POSITIVE and we want you to feel better. Your Neuropathy condition could have been caused by a spinal problem, diabetic condition or an unknown reason. The symptoms may be burning, tingling, numbness or even balance instability. Lasera ™ has been shown to help your symptoms by using our unique trademarked protocol with proven results. It’s not only safe, but it’s a soothing and comfortable therapy. It consists of the use of STATE OF THE ART medical equipment to GENTLY rid the pain away; our patients rave about how GOOD it feels! 

There is absolutely NO need to keep suffering when we have a safe, non-surgical option available to you!

CALL TODAY 336-790-2647

During your first visit, you will have a “five star evaluation”

  • We will give you a tour of our facility and you will meet our highly spirited and positive health care team!
  • One of our CARING doctors will TRULY listen to you and then perform a thorough examination as well as make any recommendations for proper imaging if necessary.
  • An explanation of Neuropathy will be given and OUR philosophy of NON-Surgical care will be explained.

Your office visit will last between 60 to 90 minutes depending on your case. The LASERA™ protocol was designed by myself and is unique only to our office as a painless and Non-Surgical approach to truly treat Neuropathy. At the center of our LASERA™ protocol we employ a FDA 510(k)-cleared Class IV therapeutic laser.

After your initial visit a consultation appointment will be made at no cost to you. You will sit down with one of our experienced doctors and go over the details of YOUR Neuropathy. Imaging will be reviewed with you and a FULL explanation of your condition will be given. We want you to understand everything. If we “accept” you for care, we will outline which treatments you will need at that time. Every condition is different so some patients need more therapies and others need less. Your goals for symptom relief will be discussed at this time, and all of your questions will be FULLY answered. We encourage you to bring your spouse or a loved one with you so that they too, may understand YOUR condition. 

It’s time to get relief! Call us today, we are SO excited to have achieved such great results with LASERA™ and we have hope that you too will reach OPTIMAL results! 

My TEAM is just waiting for you to call so don’t keep suffering; call us today at 336-790-2647.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Aaron Williams D.C. 
P.S. Real relief for peripheral neuropathy sufferers starts with a phone call.


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